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This site is dedicated in memory of Nathan Edward Walsh. Nathan was tragically slain while attending to a distressed motor vehicle 3 miles east of Osseo, WI, at 8:25am on 20-October-2014.

Nate touched many lives in his short 38 years on this Earth. Memories of Nate will continue to brighten the days of those who knew him.

While Nate may be gone, he will certainly never be forgotten. Let us not remember how Nate died, but how he lived.

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In The News / Memories


Wendy (Walsh) Johnson's Touching Eulogy to her Brother
"It is not this tragedy that defines how my brother will be remembered..." Click HERE to view the eulogy as a PDF.


Hundreds Remember Local Tow Truck Operator
Over 100 wrecker operators came together to raise awareness for the Move Over Law after Nate was killed on October 20, 2014.


Nathan Edward Walsh - Through the years
The wonderful video presentation created to remember the life of Nathan Walsh. Many thanks to Mandy LeMere for the countless hours she put into the creation of this beautiful video.


Amazing Tribue to Nate Walsh
A most amazing tribute today to the memory of tow truck operator Nate Walsh, who was struck and killed as he was assisting a stalled driver on I-94 Monday. This is a walk up the hill past some of the tow trucks that participated in a procession to the cemetery.


T-Shirts Honor Nate
While Walsh's family and friends are grieving the extreme loss, they are also honoring him by challenging drivers to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles.


Flipagram TOW N8R
Heaven was needing a hero. A touching Flipagram tribute to Nate.


Flashing lights mean move over and slow down
Nobody should have to die to remind us that getting somewhere 30 seconds sooner is worth putting someone's life at risk. Click HERE for more.

Recent Events

It took the jury less than two hours to find Steven Dolan guilty of Homicide by Negligent Use of a Motor Vehicle. Sentencing is yet to be scheduled.

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More Signs!
Outstanding news from the Wisconsin DOT. WisDOT plans to promote the Move Over Law in the near future and will be increasing the number of "Move Over and Slow Down" signs in Wisconsin from the ridiculously appalling eleven that currently exist statewide. WisDOT will be installing 30 more signs across the state.

Click HERE to see where signs will be placed.

Trial Date Set
November 20, 2014
Steven E. Dolan was charged in Jackson County Court with a felony count of homicide by negligent use of a motor vehicle. The 12 person Jury trial begins 11/18/2015 at 09:00 am in the Jackson County Courthouse, in Black River Falls, WI. Jackson County Case Number 2014CF000214