It's the Law!

Every year hundreds of Emergency service personnel are senselessly killed on our highways in this country. In fact, posted on Nate's Loft-Towing website in 2012 was this piece of information: "Every year at least 50 tow truck drivers are killed on the nation's highways while responding to calls for aid. Every state has passed legislation requiring motor vehicles proceed with caution around emergency vehicles. Do not be this guy... Our lives might be on the line.". Tragically this bit of information didn't provide enough awareness to prevent Nate's death.

Raise Awareness

An estimated 71% of all Americans have not heard of "Move Over" laws.

86% of all Americans support enacting "Move Over" laws in all 50 states.

90% beleive that traffic stops and roadside emergencies are dangerous and need law enforcement on the site to assist.

Forty three states have passed "Move Over" laws, which require motorists to "Move Over" and change lanes to give safe clearance to law enforcement officers on roadsides.

Help Save a Life

If there is a Move Over law in your State, we urge you to follow it and make others aware. If there is no Move Over law in your State, we urge you to let your state legislators know you want one by signing the petition below.

Let's all pitch in to protect the law enforcement officers who protect us every day.

The choice is yours. Do you want to help save a life? Or would you rather another family grieve over the loss of a cherished love one?