Contact Your Legislators

You've probably heard a million times from teachers, websites, and anyone who hears you complain about something in your community: "Why don't you write them about it?" So now we are saying it too: WRITE AN EMAIL OR LETTER! Officials will listen, especially if they are local leaders.

Finding the right person to contact can be difficult at times and knowing what to can just as difficult. We're trying to help make this much easier for you.

By clicking where you live on the map below - or by entering your address in the search field - the name of your local Legislator and their email address will appear.

Not sure what to say? We've included a sample email to assist : Click HERE to view the contents of this sample email. The "Move Over Law" in Wisconsin doesn't receive the attention it deserves, please contact your elected officials so they know that this issue needs more funding and awareness.

Currently this option is only available for Wisconsin, but we intend to include more states in the near future.

Tips for Writing Your Legislator